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Now here’s an age old question; why does time seem to go by faster as we get older?

Imagining a vision of our community 50 years in the future is almost incomprehensible; but, looking back 50 years is something we often find comforting and enjoyable. So, let’s reflect on what was happening in the community of Queen Creek fifty years ago.

Queen Creek had changed its name from Rittenhouse only seven years prior, and wouldn’t be incorporated for another 35 years.

The desert was being cleared of brush and trees for the farming of cotton, grains, and vegetables – a huge undertaking to establish the foundation of our economy. Therefore, it was a huge loss when the monsoon storms of 1954 washed away more than 100 acres of carrots and other crops, plus a huge section of railroad.

The new car, that probably cost around $1,850, could be driven to town for 22 cents a gallon. Make sure the roads were dry and you knew the way, however, because most of the roads were still dirt and had no name.

1954 Mr Homer Elledge"I Love Lucy," "The Jackie Gleason Show," "Dragnet," "You Bet Your Life," and "The Toast of the Town" were the five most popular shows on television, which could now be enjoyed while eating one of Carl Swanson’s first TV dinners. To compliment the meal, a loaf of bread sold at Wright’s Market on Ellsworth Road for 17 cents; a bottle of milk for under $1.00.

The Academy Awards for best picture, best director, and best actor all went to “On the Waterfront;” although, "White Christmas" was the most popular movie of the year.

1954 Cafeteria staffAt the Rittenhouse School, Mr. Homer Elledge was in charge to ensure that his teaching staff was instructing the students on current events, such as the invention of the polio vaccine by Jonas Edward Salk that year. He may have also been wondering about the impact to education with the recent Supreme Court ruling against racial segregation in schools? And let’s not forget the cafeteria staff, Mrs. Braicher, Mrs. Elledae, and Mrs, Bunch. Not in 50 years, could they have imagined that low carb recipes would be all the rage someday?