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Council-Manager Government
Queen Creek’s council-manager form of government is established in the Town Code. This type of government structure combines the political leadership of elected officials with the managerial experience of an appointed professional manager. The Town Council, Mayor and Town Manager work in partnership to direct and guide local government.  

Town Officials
The Mayor and six Town Council members are the only elected officials in the Town of Queen Creek. The Mayor and Town Council are elected at-large on a non-partisan ballot to serve four-year terms. Town Council members are elected on a rotating basis, so three seats are up for election every two years. The position of Vice Mayor is filled at the first Town Council meeting of June each year. The Mayor nominates the Vice Mayor from among the Town Council members, and the Mayor and Town Council vote to confirm the appointment. 

Elected and appointed officials may be reached by phone at 480-358-3003 or by the e-mail address listed in the biographies for each Town Council member. You can also send an e-mail to all of the Town Council members at once. Please note that all e-mails sent or received by Town Council members in the course of doing Town-related business, whether through personal or Town e-mail addresses, are public record.

Barney 2015
Mayor Gail Barney

 Brown 2015 
Vice Mayor Jeff Brown

 Benning 2015
Town Council Member Robin Benning

Hoffman, J (Personal)
 Town Councilman Jake Hoffman
Oliphant 2015
  Town Council Member Dawn Oliphant 

 Turley 2015
Town Council Member Emilena Turley

 Wheatley 2015

Town Staff

Town of Queen Creek staff members are professionals committed to serving residents and helping make Queen Creek a special place to live and work. Staff aims to always put people first, creatively solve problems, seek win-win solutions and act with honesty and integrity. Town staff may be reached 7 a.m.-6 p.m. Monday through Thursday. Town offices are closed Friday through Sunday. Staff can be contacted:


• By telephone at 480-358-3003
• By fax at 480-358-3909
• Through Queen Creek Connection
• At the Municipal Services Building, 22358 S. Ellsworth Road 
• By e-mail (staff e-mail addresses consist of the person’s first name, followed by a period, then his or her surname, followed by @queencreek.org)

Town Manager
John Kross

480-358-3905 (Town Manager's Office)

The Town Manager is accountable for carrying out the directives and initiatives of the Town Council. The manager is responsible for all of the Town’s daily operations, including hiring of staff, negotiations on behalf of the Town and general supervision of all departments and contracts. The manager directly oversees the Assistant Town Manager, development services, human resources, utilities, legislative affairs, the Queen Creek Fire Department and the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office contract. The Town Manger reports directly to the Town Council.

Assistant Town Manager
Bruce Gardner
480-358-3905 (Town Manager's Office)

The Assistant Town Manager works with the Town Manager to develop and carry out Town Council policy and municipal projects and provide leadership in planning, organizing and directing the activities of Town departments. The assistant manager oversees all financial operations of the Town, including budget and accounts payable, and is responsible for economic development, parks & recreation, information technology and general administration.

Town Attorney
Fredda Bisman


The Town attorney provides legal services and advice to the Mayor, Town Council, Town Manager, department heads and staff. The attorney responds to legal questions and prepares memos on significant legal issues, prepares legal documents such as resolutions, ordinances and contracts, provides training on topics such as open meetings and public records and represents the Town in lawsuits and other legal actions. The Town attorney reports directly to the Town Council.

Town Clerk
Jennifer Robinson

The Town Clerk is responsible for administering local elections, recording and storing minutes of official meetings and maintaining municipal ordinances and resolutions. The clerk issues municipal business licenses, manages public record requests and answers public inquiries. The clerk reports directly to the Town Council.

Development Services Director
Chris Anaradian



The Development Services Director is responsible for reviewing land-development proposals for applicable regulations and policies and advises the Town Council, Planning & Zoning Commission and Town Manager on planning and development issues. The director prepares and administers the General Plan, zoning and subdivision regulations. The director also oversees the design and construction of the Town’s capital projects related to major transportation infrastructure, and oversees the development, operations and maintenance of the Town’s public works projects, including the Town’s streets, facilities and traffic calming program. The Development Services Director reports to the Town Manager.

Communications, Marketing & Recreation Director
Marnie Schubert



The Communications, Marketing & Recreation Director is responsible for the community's media relations and public outreach, tourism and special event marketing and recreation services for the Town. The director oversees the Citizen Leadership Institute, Star Student program and Town Hall events, as well as the recreation classes, partnerships and special events including Spring Into QC, Founders' Day and Trunk or Treat. The director is also responsible for the Town's website, social media sites and newsletters and publications. The director reports to the Town Manager.

Economic Development Director
Doreen Cott

The Economic Development Director is responsible for overseeing the implementation of the Economic Development Strategic Plan and develops and applies recruitment strategies to successfully attract business and growth industries to the community. The director assists companies with location and expansion needs and oversees implementation of the Town Center and Redevelopment plans. The director oversees operations, conducts policy research, makes recommendations and implements Town Council goals related to internal and external public communications; media relations; marketing; and community outreach. The director also oversees the operation, management, marketing and development of Horseshoe Park & Equestrian Centre. The Economic Development Director reports to the Assistant Town Manager

Fire Chief
Ron Knight

The Fire Chief oversees the development and operation of fire and emergency management services provided by the Queen Creek Fire Department. The Fire Chief reports to the Town Manager.

Human Resources Director
Bruce Gardner

The Human Resources Director is responsible for recruiting, selecting and retaining employees; planning, organizing and carrying out the functions of classification, compensation, employee benefits, occupational safety and health; performance management, organizational development and training; employee relations; and compliance with all employment laws. The Human Resources Director reports to the Town Manager.

Utilities Director
Paul Gardner

The Utilities Director oversees the development, operation and maintenance of the Town's services, projects and initiatives related water, sewer, air quality and trash and recycling. The Utilities Director reports to the Town Manager.

Town Council Meetings
Regular Town Council meetings are held at 5:30 p.m. on the first and third Wednesdays of each month. All regular meetings are held in the Town Council Chambers at Queen Creek Town Hall, 22350 S. Ellsworth Road, and are open to the public. Town Council meetings are also taped and broadcast on the Town website and on UStream. Agendas are posted at Town Hall, the Queen Creek Community Center and the Queen Creek Library, and on the Town website. Town Council meeting results and minutes are also posted on the website following regular meetings.

Town of Queen Creek Local Elections
Queen Creek primary elections are held in August and general elections are held in November in even-numbered years. To be eligible to vote, voters must be registered 29 days prior to election day. 

Any Town resident age 18 years or older may run for election for the positions of Mayor or Town Council. One year of Town residency is required before an individual can run for office. There is no limit to the number of times an incumbent may run for re-election.

Notary Services
Notary public services are provided free from 8 a.m.-noon, Monday through Thursday at the Municipal Services Building. A photo ID is required for each person seeking notarization, and clients must provide their own witnesses. The notary must be in the presence of the person whose signature is being notarized and must be able to communicate directly with the person; a translator may not be used. Town notaries will refuse service if legal requirements are not met by the client.

County, State & Federal Officials

The Town's Intergovernmental Relations staff is available if you have any questions about reaching your county, state or federal officials. Please contact Jamie Bennett at jamie.bennett@queencreek.org or 480-358-3913 for assistance. 

County Officials

Town of Queen Creek boundaries include portions of both Maricopa and Pinal counties. The governing bodies for both counties are their board of supervisors. Areas of each county are represented by an individual supervisor from the board.

Maricopa County
The Supervisor for the Maricopa County portion of Queen Creek is Denny Barney.  He can be reached at 602-506-1776 or by e-mail at barneyd@mail.maricopa.gov. For general Maricopa County inquiries, call 602-506-3011 or visit Maricopa.gov.

Pinal County
Two supervisors represent areas within the Pinal County portion of Queen Creek, depending on the location. To verify which district covers which geographical boundaries, please visit Pinal County's website at PinalCountyAZ.gov. District 2 Pinal County Supervisor is Mike Goodman. He can be reached at 520-866-6104 or by e-mail at mike.goodman@pinalcountyaz.gov. District 3 Pinal County Supervisor is Stephen Miller. He can be reached at 520-866-7401 or steve.miller@pinalcountyaz.gov. For general Pinal County inquiries, call 520-509-3555 or visit PinalCountyAZ.gov.

State Officials

Office of the Governor of the State of Arizona
To contact Arizona Governor Doug Doucey, call the Governor’s Office at 602-542-4331 or 1-800-253-0883, or visit the Governor’s website at Governor.State.AZ.US.

Arizona State Legislature

The Town of Queen Creek's incorporated boundaries include two state legislative districts: 12 and 16. To verify which legislative district you are represented by, please visit AZRedistricting.org/districtlocator/.

District #12 (includes the majority of the Town's incorporated limits in Maricopa County and Pinal County)

Representing portions of Queen Creek within Legislative District 12, are Senator Warren Petersen, Representative Eddie Farnsworth and Representative Travis Grantham.

  • Senator Warren Petersen can be reached at 602-926-4136 or by e-mail at wpetersen@azleg.gov.
  • Representative Eddie Farnsworth can be reached at 602-926-4630 or by e-mail at efarnsworth@azleg.gov.
  • Representative Travis Grantham can be reached at 602-926-4868 or by e-mail at tgrantham@azleg.gov.

District #16 (includes a small portion of the Town's incorporated limits in Pinal County)

Representing portions of Queen Creek that fall within Legislative District 16 are Senator David Farnsworth, Representative Doug Coleman and Representative Kelly Townsend.

  • Senator David Farnsworth can be reached at 602-926-3020 or by e-mail at dfarnsworth@azleg.gov.
  • Representative Doug Coleman can be reached at 602-926-3160 or by e-mail at dcoleman@azleg.gov.
  • Representative Townsend can be reached at 602-926-4467 or by e-mail at ktownsend@azleg.gov.  

Federal Officials

U.S. Senate
The United States Senators for the state of Arizona are John McCain and Jeff Flake.

U.S. House of Representatives
Representing Queen Creek in the U.S. House of Representatives are Andy Biggs and Paul Gosar.

  • Congressman Andy Biggs (District 5) represents Queen Creek residents living in the Town's incorporated limits in Maricopa County. Congressman Biggs can be reached at 480-699-8239 or through a message online.
  • Congressman Paul Gosar (District 4) represents Queen Creek residents living in the Town's incorporated limits in Pinal County. Congressman Gosar can be reached at 928-445-1683 or through a message online.