Cooking Oil Recycle Program

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 Effective July 1st, the cooking oil container at Fire Station 1 on S. Ellsworth Road will be moved to
Fire Station 2, located
at 24787 S. Sossaman Road.

Disposing of used cooking oil in your drain can create serious situations with backups and overflows. Placing your used cooking oil into the trash is hazardous, and creates a dangerous mess.



The Town of Queen Creek has two locations to safely dispose of used cooking oil:


  • Fire Station 1 (22407 S. Ellsworth Road)  
  • Fire Station 2 (24787 S. Sossaman Road)

This will help the Town keep its sewers free from backups and overflows, assist with clean air, and recycle old cooking oil into biodiesel fuel.

Please remember to carefully pour cooking oil into the large black metal containers, and take your empty cooking oil container with you from the facility. We suggest that you designate a container for continually disposing of your cooking oil.

For more information please call 480-358-3450.