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To avoid disruption in service, carts MUST be curbside by 6 a.m. on your scheduled pick up dayCarts are required to be at least two (2) feet apart and lids completely shut for collection. 

Plastic bags CANNOT be placed in the recycle cart. Plastic bags catch in the recycle machines and cause serious damage. Select stores accept plastic bags to be recycled; otherwise they belong in the trash!


Take a look at all the things you can put in your blue cart. 



Examples include:
Food and soda cans, steel cans, tin cans and non-aerosol cans. Remember to rinse out prior to placing in the cart. 




Examples include:
Dairy and dairy substitutes, juice cartons and boxes, egg substitute cartons, protein drink cartons, wine boxes, soup and broth cartons, tofu cartons and ice cream cartons. Remember to rinse out prior to placing in the cart.



Examples include:
Soda and water bottles, shampoo and soap bottles, milk and laundry detergent, jugs, peanut butter and mayo jars, plastic trays and microwave dinner containers, clear clamshell containers and plastic egg cartons.  Remember to rinse out prior to placing in the cart. 



Examples include:
Brown paper bags, newspapers, phone books, paperboard: cereal and shoe boxes, molded fiberboard, magazines and catalogs (less than half inch thick), printing paper, mail (including window envelopes), brochures, file folders, card stock and corrugated cardboard (remove plastic and flatten), shredded paper is okay, but place it in a CLEAR plastic bag first. Generally no plastic bags can be in the recycling stream, but a clear bag of shredded paper can be identified and separated.



Examples include:
Food and beverage bottles and jars. Remember to rinse out prior to placing in the recycle cart. 




The following items CANNOT be placed in your recycle bin

Election signage cannot be recycled in your blue recycling cart, but signs can be taken to Recycle 1 in Phoenix to be recycled at no charge.  Their address is 3209 S. 36th Street, Phoenix 85040.  Their phone number is 602-220-9200.  The division of their company, Arizona Pacific Pulp, Inc. – Plastics Division provides the election sign recycling.




Construction debris should be taken to the transfer station.



Diapers cannot be recycled. Bag and tie and place in your trash cart. 


Food waste belongs in the trash, unless you compost. 


Examples include: food / motor oil, paint, light bulbs, cleaning chemicals, etc.  


Take hardware and scrap metal to the Town's collection days in November & April.



There is no process to recycle paper towels or napkins. Use cloth or washable towels.  



The bottom cannot be recycled. The top can be recycled if clean of grease and food. 



Plastic bags catch in the machines and belong in the trash. Some stores accept plastic bags to be recycled. 




Examples include: coolers, outdoor furniture, toys, tupperware, etc. 


Examples include: cups, plates and packing materials. 




Examples include: toothpaste, face cream, sunscreen, etc.


The coating used on wrapping paper is not recyclable. Consider other crafty ways to wrap your gifts.  


Yard waste should be bagged and tied and placed in the trash. If it does not fit, schedule a bulk trash pickup.   



Visit the QC Recycle Center 

QC Recycle Center Map

Conveniently located at Crewse Lane and Ellsworth Road in Town Center (across from Founders' Park Splash Pad, just south of Town Hall). The Town provides this service to residents who live in multi-family communities or businesses without in-house recycling. Recycling helps the entire community! This site is available to anyone who wishes to use it, including those who have not yet begun service.


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