Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions - Trash:
Frequently Asked Questions - Recycling:

 Q: How do I make a service request?   Q: My household generates a lot of trash. One regular trash cart (along with one recycle cart) may not be enough. How can I get additional carts? 
 A: Log on to service request and enter your information  A: Having one solid waste cart and one recycle cart will be sufficient for most residential needs; however, residents may request an extra 96-gallon trash cart for an additional $7.15 per month. Extra recycling carts will be available free of charge.

Q. Do I need to bag all of my trash? 
Q: What if I have a refrigerator I no longer want? 
A: Yes. To meet county and state regulations, the Town has adopted a “Bag & Tie” program. All trash placed in trash carts must be bagged and securely tied, and the trash cart lid must completely close. However, note that recycling materials placed in recycling carts are not to be bagged.
A: Click here to find out how to recycle your refrigerator.

Q. How do I use the bulk trash program?
Q: What can I put into the recycling cart? 
A. Bulk trash is set on the curb on your designated day. You must schedule the bulk pick-up for that month (via: phone, in-person or by website) by 5 p.m. on the Monday prior to your assigned week. The allowed volume is 6 cubic yards (approx. 4 feet x 4 feet x 10 feet). Materials should be placed prior to 6 a.m. on the day of collection and no earlier than 5 p.m. on the previous day. Materials will be collected by 6 p.m. on the assigned day.
A: As much as 50 percent of the average household waste stream can be recycled. Refer to the acceptable recyclable materials flier for a list of acceptable items.

Q. What is considered bulk trash? 
Q: What do I do if I live in an HOA?
A: Bulk trash is yard debris (green waste), furniture, cardboard and large appliances (excluding refrigerators) and household garbage that does not easily fit into the trash cart.
A: Being respectful of HOAs that have a current long-term contract with a vendor for trash services, the Town has developed a phasing plan, as depicted on the service schedule and bulk pick-up maps, that will bring those developments with long-term contracts into Town-provided services coinciding with the end of those current contracts. The Town is willing to bring any development into the program earlier than scheduled if the HOA or Management Company submits a request to the Town. A neighborhood recycling drop-off site available to anyone who wishes to use it will be located at the Crewse Lane drop-off site. 

Q. How does bulk trash have to be put out? Loose? Bundled? 
Q: I live in an apartment complex. What services will I receive, and is there a fee? 
A: Large items can be uncontained, but yard debris must be boxed, bagged or bundled into 4-foot lengths.
A: Since the apartment complexes use large commercial-type trash containers, curbside trash, recycling and bulk services are not available. However, anyone may take recycling to the neighborhood recycling drop-off site located at the Queen Creek Library. This is a free drop-off service.

Q. What items are not acceptable to place out for bulk collection? 

A: Please call 480-358-3450, option 7, to find out what is acceptable and what is not. The most common waste items not accepted include, but are not limited to: building and construction materials such as sheet rock, wood paneling, cinder blocks, bricks, and roofing materials. Other unacceptable waste items include paint, stains and varnishes, adhesives, dirt, gravel, auto parts, tires, motor oil, batteries, transmission and hydraulic fluids, gas and diesel fuel, pesticides and fungicides, pool chemicals, household cleaners, propane tanks, camping cylinders, fire extinguishers, fluorescent and CFL bulbs, medical waste, antifreeze and refrigerators.

Q. What can I do with the stuff the Town service won’t take? 

A: The Town offers tire, electronics, metal and Christmas tree drop offs. The Town has contracted with Right Away Disposal (RAD) for a reduced self-haul rate for those Town residents who wish to haul their trash to RAD’s disposal site, which is located at Idaho and Baseline Roads, at the rate of $10 per pick-up/trailer load. Please make sure to take your Queen Creek water bill & drivers license. For information on times of operation and directions please contact RAD at 480-983-9101.