Backflow Testers

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The Town of Queen Creek has contracted with Backflow Solutions, Inc (BSI) to administer their cross-connection control / backflow tracking program.  The Town will be utilizing BSI Online for all test report submittals. Here is the pertinent information:

Start Dates:
Beginning on September 15, 2014, all annual backflow assembly test reports must be submitted electronically via the BSI Online system at This will not require you to scan your test reports – you will simply be transferring information from your report onto the site. Beginning September 15, 2014, all reports are to be submitted online for no fee.
Please make sure to obtain the Customer Confirmation Number (CCN) from your customer. The CCN will be needed to access your customer’s records.
Please be sure that your online credentials are up to date. Each tester must have a current backflow tester license.
Testers must submit up to date copies of their test kit calibration certificates to BSI. These can be uploaded via BSI Online, or faxed / emailed to BSI.
If valid licenses / test kit certification are not submitted and up to date, your test reports will not be accepted and your customers will be listed as non-compliant.
Filing Fees:
A key provision with the new procedures will be a filing fee that you, the contractor, will pay at the time of the backflow report submittal via BSI Online.  
The filing fee for backflow assemblies in Queen Creek is $12.95 per test report.
From now until October 14, 2014, you can enter test reports online with no filing fee required. Beginning October 15, 2014, all reports must be filed via BSI Online with the applicable filing fees.
The fee is per backflow assembly test report submitted.
For any brand new assembly (not including replacements) or previously unknown assemblies, there will be no filing fee the initial year. Simply fax/email/mail the report to BSI.
The fee can be paid either by credit card, or by prepaying (similar to an IPass account).
There will be many benefits for the test companies with this new program, including email notification to the last tester of record when a test due notice is sent to the backflow assembly owner. The last tester of record’s company name and phone number will also be listed on customer’s notice, helping your customers reach you more quickly. Lastly, we are asking for all companies working in Queen Creek to assist the Town by providing any information you have on all existing backflow assemblies within their boundaries. This will greatly help in locating all assemblies in Queen Creek to ensure their compliance with annual testing requirements.
Thank you for your assistance with this program and for helping to ensure the safety of Queen Creek’s drinking water. Please contact us at 800-414-4990 or with any questions.