How do I find an approved Backflow Tester?

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Q. How do I find an approved certified tester?
A. The Town of Queen Creek has a list of recognized Assembly Testers that can be provided upon request by calling 480-358-3463. Due to varying prices among testers, you may want to call several Certified Testers to obtain quotes. If you are an entity that requires a worker to be bonded and insured before work is performed, you will need to verify that information with the backflow company you hire. The Town's list only verifies that the companies listed are certified backflow inspectors.

** You may use another source for backflow inspection that is not on our list. Please have your backflow specialist fax a copy of their Certificate of Certification and Calibration to Cheryl Staples at 480-358-3001 prior to backflow device testing for approval. For more information, please contact Cheryl at 480-358-3463.

Q. How do I know if I need a backflow prevention assembly, and what type should be used?
Existing commercial or residential properties that are not used solely for residential purposes may have a Town of Queen Creek Backflow Prevention Inspector visit their property to do an evaluation for backflow requirements. New structures will be assessed for backflow prevention requirements by town staff during engineering reviews.