Council Corner - September

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League of Arizona Cities and Towns

League of Arizona Cities and Towns

Mayor Gail Barney and council members Craig Barnes, Robin Benning, Jeff Brown, and Dawn Oliphant joined mayors, Council members, managers, and other staff from almost 90 other cities and towns in Arizona August 18-21. The conference was hosted by the League of Arizona Cities and Towns and is held annually. Sessions included system reform, legislative engagement, community development strategies and best practices.

Council member Dawn Oliphant


San Tan Historical Society  


As a member of the Queen Creek Historical Preservation Task Force, I have the honor of working with other Town Council members and staff on collaborating with the San Tan Historical Society in an effort to preserve the history of our community. As a Town we are committed to honoring our past. In fact, it is the cornerstone of the Town's vision statement. As we enter our 26th year as a Town, I encourage residents to participate in Founders' Day, visit or volunteer at the San Tan Historical Society's Museum, and explore our community's roots. - Council member Dawn Oliphant



Council member Emilena Turley


Power Tags Turley 


Council member Emilena Turley attended the ribbon cutting ceremony for Power Tags in Florence. Power Tags is an Arizona Department of Transportation-approved third-party MVD.